May 1, 2021:  A recent review of our data base shows we have the following industry contacts: *

404 existing petroleum marketers including MOJ representatives.
1240 commercial real estate agents & brokers nationally. (We co-broke with qualified licensees.)
67   general and ADEQ-approved petroleum contractors.
53   petroleum equipment suppliers.
22   architects and engineers.
37   environmental consultants.
361   lenders who finance gas stations (including 50 for SBA loans).
160   business brokers.  (We co-broke with qualified business intermediaries.)
880  pre-qualified prospective buyers for AZ gas station properties and/or businesses.

* This is a dynamic list continually updated for entrants and departures from the market.

April 19, 2021: 

I've just received notification from Business Brokerage Press Inc. that I've been approved by them as an Industry Expect for the gas station and c-store industry.  This marks my 14th consecutive year of receiving this honor.  Accordingly, I'll be listed again in their 2021 Business Reference Guide, and also be included in their List of Experts in their industry list of Experts online at

For those of you who have expressed your confidence in my by allowing me to work for you, and thereby attain this position within the industry as acknowledged by BBP, my most sincere thanks.  For those of you who have yet talked with me about your gas station and c-store interests in AZ, I hope you'll give me the opportunity to serve you.

                                                                                       Thank You for Your Consideration,


(Not familiar with Business Brokerage Press?  They are the premier provider of educational information, material and resources to the business brokerage industry. You can check them out further .)



Michael Green
MJG Gas Station Specialist
24828 N 55th Drive
Glendale, AZ 85310

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter on behalf of Michael Green in reference to my recent transaction I worked with him on for land his client purchased in the City of Avondale. In my current capacity as Assistant Director for Economic Development, I have had the distinct pleasure and honor to work with Mike who proved  to bring a professional and organized approach to this transaction.

Mike was unlike any broker I have worked with on the opposite side of the transaction.  He took the time to fully understand the process, lead where needed to ensure the transaction was aligned with both parties' expectations.  Mike project managed the entire transaction from start to finish to ensure everyone was on the same page and kept the momentum moving forward. I have been consistently impressed with his collaborative nature and depth of knowledge in his field.

Thank you, Mike, for making this transaction so simple.  Please do not hesitate to contact me on my cell at 623-695-4161 with any questions you may have.

Cheryl Covert Assistant Director
Economic Development
City of Avondale"

"December 20th, 2019

My name is Ernest Smith and this is my testimony concerning my transaction using Mike Green with MJG Gas Station Specialists LLC, 24828 N 56th Dr, Glendale, AZ, 85310. I was introduced to Mike Green during a meeting concerning the purchase of a Gas Station in February 2019. Mike was and still is very personable, knowledgeable, and dedicated to the field of brokering gas station properties. Mike basically held my hand for every step of the way, calling me two to three days before something was due. He also supplied me with a schedule of tasks to be completed and signed off with me together so we were both on the same page. Mike showed up to any and every meeting, not once complaining about when or where, he not even once suggested a meeting closer to his location. Not only was Mike entirely present and dedicated, he was spot on with the prediction of closing on time from the very beginning.

Now approaching eight months after completing the purchase, Mike Green is still in contact with me making sure everything is going according to plan and making sure that I am not without something that I need. Mike Green and his teem (sic) at MJG Gas Station Specialists have my complete endorsement as the GO-TO-GUY for buying or selling Gas Stations.

                                                                 I AM ONE HAPPY MJG CUSTOMER!!!!

                     My name is Ernest Smith, Owner of Sombrero Gas Station/C-store, and I support this message."

Mar. 24, 2016

"Mike is the most thorough professional, detail-oriented and very knowledgeable Gas (sic) station specialist we have ever worked with.  Also, his communication skills and prompt follow through are remarkable.  He is an experienced gas station agent that will listen to your specific needs and wants, and always respond.

He worked tirelessly for over 6-7 months to get the deal done, helping at every turn as my representative.  I would recommend Mike to anyone whether be (sic) in the the market for buying or selling a gas station or wanting to get  commercial or an SBA loan today (sic) as the most competent guide, hard-working agent I have ever encountered.

We didn't had (sic) to worry about the process, because we knew you were doing your job.  Saleema and I have had 13 years experience buying and selling homes, gas station (sic), land, and what have you.  Our experience with you has without a doubt been the best.  You had (sic) stayed right on top of every detail.

Looking forward to our next transaction with you soon."

                                        Akbar Rajwani, Member                   Saleema Somani, Member
                                        Rajwani Investments LLC                 3A Petroleum LLC
                                                                                                       Super C Fuel LLC

Dec. 19, 2014

"Mike has been an outstanding broker.  He went above and beyond my expectations.  I will utilize him on all my future transactions."

                                                                                                        Norman Hattar, President
                                                                                                        P4 Holdings Inc.

The following people have endorsed Michael (Mike) Green on LinkedIn.   

        Tim Collins, 1st V.P. Business Relations Officer, The Bancorp

      Brian Loring, V.P., NAI Capital

       Zohurul Hoque, Owner, Juas Int'l LLC

       Bill Farrata, Arizona Residential & Commercial Realty

       Bill Luckinbill, Owner, The SBA Guy

       Frank Nicholson, Managing Broker, Nicholson & Assoc.

       Stuart Watkins, Assoc. Broker, Tucson Realty Solutions

       Barbara Hartmann, Business Broker, West USA Realty

       Paul Gallo, CEO, First U.S. Advisors Inc.

       Anthony Horan, Sr. V.P., Prosmart Realty

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