Real Estate:  APN:  304-41-906 in Maricopa County.

This is a Class A property in a Class A market and a Class A location.  Gilbert has a high-end demographic in the southeast Valley (Phoenix metro market).

       Parcel size:  62,378 sf/ 1.4 ac.

       Building size: 3,919 sf - includes c-store and single-bay drive thru touchless carwash.

       Built 2001.

       Fuel system has 2/15,000 gal. steel vaulted USTs withe DWFG piping.

      Electronic environmental monitoring: VeedeRoot TLS-350.

      Dispensers are 8 Wayne blenders with CRINDs.

Business Profile:  (2017)

            Total Sales:                         $2,067,000

            Gross Profit:                            248,000

            Fuel Vol. (Avg/mo.)                    42,000

            Pooled Mgn:                              .15/gal.                    

Want more info?  Maybe historical financials?  ------->  Contact

"Git-n-Run" Mobil-Branded Gas Station, C-Store and Carwash, Gilbert AZ

For Sale - Asking IN ESCROW Including Real Estate

Real Estate:   APN:  304-22-004D in Pima County AZ

The property was originally developed in 1983.  The owners bought it in 1986. The property is located at a premier location in Green Valley at the Experanza Blvd. I-19 exit (central Green Valley).  I-19 2016 traffic count at the exit is 33,175 VPD.      

        Parcel size (combined):  19,626 +/- sf,
        Building size:                  6,881 +/- sf,
        USTs:  3 / 6k gal.& 1/4k gal. SWFG,
        Fuel Piping:  SWFG,
        Fuel Dispensers:  2 Wayne MPDs w/CRINDs (All PCI compliant),                          Products Served:  3 grades of unleaded gasoline plus diesel,
        Fuel Controller/Cashiering System:  Verifone Sapphire
        Elec. Enviro. Monitor: VeedeRoot TLS-350.   

Environmentally clean.  No open ADEQ violations as of 5-29-18.

Business Profile:(2016)

Continuous ownership since 1986. Excellent market reputation. Little ownership transition risk for an experienced operator.
         Total Sales:                       $2.1mm

         Fuel Vol.                        58k gal/mo.

         Pooled Margin:              $.32/gal.
         Overall Gross Margin:   34%
Want more info?  Financials maybe? 
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Shell-Branded Gas Station, Auto Repair Service & Convenience Area

Green Valley AZ;  (Appraised Value $1,280,000, 1-8-18) 

NOW ASKING $700,000.00


Location: About 19 miles north of Kingman and 84 miles south of Las Vegas on U.S. Hwy 93

                (future interstate 11 alignment !)

Real Estate:   APN:  340-01-022 (Mohave County)

        Parcel size:  13.55 +/- ac.  An estimated 10 +/- ac. are still native desert and available for additional


        Buildings:   C-store - 2,684 +/- sf (operating)

                           Pizzeria - 1,035 +/- sf, full kitchen already built-out  (operating)

                           Marijuana Building - 4,251 +/- sf, demised for both a grow room & dispensary (idle)​

                           Utility Building - 563 +/- sf

                           Single-family Home - 900 +/- sf.  (Occupied by seller) 

          Private water well (off-site) conveys with the property.                      

Business ProfileThe c-store & pizzeria businesses are operating, however, seller is not offering financial statements and there is no business value priced in for the businesses.  All business assets, however, convey with the sale.

-----> Contact   

Grasshopper Junction, AZ

Convenience Store, Pizzeria, Marijuana Grow Room & Dispensary,

ALL ON 13.55 +/- acs.​​ - About 10 +/- ac. available for more improvements

ATTENTION BROKERS:  It is MJG's policy to cooperate (co-broke) with qualified real estate brokers and business intermediaries. Occasionally, however, we accept a listing that requires a recission of this policy; these are the exceptions rather than the rule. In these cases, you will find the property marked "No Co-Broke".

Holbrook Commc'l Land, Holbrook AZ - For Sale

Available: 2.76 +/- ac. Parcel, and

​    1.30 +/- ac. Parcel

Real Estate:  APN:  109-24-054 - 2.76 + ac. (Looking for a family restaurant, QSR                                    or RV park for this larger parcel)

                     APNs: 1.30 + ac. adjacent to Chevron pending recording of lot split

                                       2.0 acs. 

                                                -010F and =====>SOLD  (Motel Developer)

                                                 -010H  ======= > SOLD  (Motel Developer)

                           in Navajo County.

                           Location: This is a rural interstate location about 90 mi. east of Flagstaff on

                                  I-40.  Located at exit 289, this is the first Holbrook exit for

                                  west-bound travelers. This off-ramp artery is Navajo Blvd. which

                                  runs into the town of Holbrook. There are connecting state highways

                                  that run on a southwest diagonal from Holbrook to Phoenix reducing

                                  travel time substantially vs.going west to Flagstaff then south to


                           2-Parcel Size: 4.06 + ac.                                        

                           Zoning:  Both parcels are zoned GB.  (General Business)

                           Utilities: Utilities are on the larger (2.76 ac.) parcel.  This is the western 

                                    parcel adjacent to the Chevron.

                            Want more info?    Maybe a site map?   ----->   Contact

Freeway Chevron Land, Willcox AZ- For Sale

Approx. 18 Ac. at the Off-Ramp:   Asking $152,500

Real Estate:  APNs:  203-14-193, -089, -190, -191, -192, -198, and -199 in Cochise County.

                           Location: This is a rural interstate location about 75 mi. east of Tucson on

                                  I-10.  There is about 1,000 ft. of frontage on the east-bound on ramp to

                                  I-10, and 1,200 ft. of frontage on Haskell Ave., the off-ramp artery that

                                  runs into Willcox.

                           7-Parcel Size: 20 + ac. - The Chevron uses about 2.50 +/- ac. Seller will

                                   subdivide the Chevron away from the remaining 17.95 + ac. for a

                                   buyer who doesn't want the Chevron improvements. 

                           Utilities: The Chevron has all utilities.  Water is provided by 1 of 2 private

                                   wells (the 2nd is capped). The city of Willcox has run irrigation water to                                                the property.  Sewage treatment is provided by a septic system.

                             The property is made up of 7 contiguous parcels totaling 20 +/- acres, all zoned 

​                                    commercial (GB).

​                             Want more info?    Maybe a site map?   ----->   Contact 

Occasionally a gas station property will be built on a parcel larger than the gas station improvement, resulting in excess land on the parcel being sold.  In most cases the seller will offer to either sell the extra land with the business and the improvements, or subdivide the parcel into 2 parcels, one with the gas station improvements and one being the extra land. This situation is found most often in rural properties. Many gas station buyers will take the extra land for further development, adding such things as retail centers, motels, RV parks, MHPs, and restaurants,  

We also are called on from time-to-time by investors who own larger urban and suburban properties than they want to sell, but want to split off a "gas station corner" from the total and offer it separately.  Land for gas station use has traditionally carried a premium over retail use, typically zoned C-2 in metropolitan jurisdictions, or GB (general business) in rural locations. Until recently (Q1-17) this has been the case, due primarily to the fall-off in the economy over the last few years resulting in reduced construction and demand for undeveloped land, particularly in rural AZ. This has reduced the premium historically applied for gas station use. The slow recovery over the past few years has firmed up and restored some of the historic premium seen in gas station parcels.  Also, the Nov. 2016 election of Donald Trump has triggered an enthusiasm and confidence about the economy that has elevated seller optimism about selling their properties.  While prices have firmed vs. the 2008-09 pricing bottom, they are still well-below the 2005-2007 peak.

As these situations become available we offer them segregated from our usual gas station and convenience store properties and businesses, and are pleased to present them here.

Land Currently Available

Business Profile:            2017                                  2016                           2015

Total Sales                        $1,354,000                     .1,252,000                      1,339,000

Avg. Fuel Vol/mo.                  35,000 gal.                    35,000 gal.                    34,000 gal.

Pooled Margin                   $.26/gal.                                  .34/gal.                        $.38/gal.

Avg. Store Sales/mo.         $16,000                             17,000                          16,000

Store Gross Margin                  40%                                   43%                              41%

Total Gross Profit              $262,000                            312,000                         271,000

The building has a c-store and 2 auto service bays. The store offers traditional c-store food, beverages & merchandise. The business does not offer Lottery, alcohol (been-n-wine), food stamps, Western Union, check cashing, towing service or U-Haul - all of these are viable additions to the business for upside potential.

For 2015, total gross profit was 25% higher than 2014, and Seller's Discretionary Earnings for the period were up 50% vs. 2014.

Want more info?    Maybe more details of the financials?   ----->   Contact

Real Estate:  APN:  203-14-193 in Cochise County.

                           This is a rural interstate location about 75 mi. east of Tucson on I-10.

                           Projected Parcel Size: 108,900 + sf  (The Chevron improvement is on a 12

                                                  ac. parcel.  Seller will split off the Chevron improvement for

                                                  a buyer who does not want the entire 12 acs.

                                                  SEE ADDITIONAL LAND FOR SALE, BELOW.

                           Store Building:  2,463 + sf. Original 1,428 + sf building built in 1969; a new

                                                   1,035 + sf c-store add-on was built in 2002.

                           Fuel Canopy:  26 + ft. x 55 + ft.

                           Fuel System:   Installed in 1978 and 1984

                                                  1 /6k gal., 1 / 8k gal, & 2 / 10 k gal. plastic lined steel USTs

                                                              with cathodic protection.

                                                   Piping:  SWFG. 

                                                   Dispensers: 2 Wayne MPDs w/CRINDs & 1 single-product                                                                          Diesel dispenser at a separate island.

                                                   Fuel Controller: Single-station Wayne Nucleus.

Freeway Chevron, Willcox AZ - For Sale - Asking $885,000 - Includes 2.50 +/- ac. Real Estate

Business Profile:  The business is closed at this property. This offering is for the real estate only.  This property could be a restart for a c-store or retail in the existing building, or redevelopment. This was the only gas station property in Wenden. Want more info?   ----->  Contact

Real Estate:  APNs:  308-09-143B and -144B in LaPaz County.

                           This is a rural location about 75 mi. NW of Phoenix.

                           2 Parcel Size:  17,350 + sf 

                           Zoning:  GB

                           Store Building:  3,083 + sf built in 1957

                           Fuel Canopy:  35 + ft. x 20 + ft.

                           Fuel System:   The fuel system has been removed from this site, and it's in the                                          process of closure with ADEQ.  Seller will indemnify buyer from environmental

                                     issues relating to the former UST system.   

Zoning for redevelopment is General Business in LaPaz county.                   

Redevelopment of a Gas Station & C-store, Wenden AZ - Property For Sale - Asking $195,000

Business Profile:  Interim 2017 financials now available (3-31-17)

Building is a small c-store.  The site is located at an I-40 exit in northern AZ. Owner is retired & absentee.  While an excellent location, the business should be considered a turnaround. Equipment includes gondolas, merchandise racks & coolers, and an 8-camera video security system. Products include Lottery food stamps & money orders.  Chevron brand assignable subject to jobber approval. 

Want more info?    Maybe financials?   ----->   Contact

Real Estate:  APN:  109-24-041 in Navajo County.

                          This is a rural location on interstate 40 about 3 1/2 hrs. north of Phoenix.

                          Parcel Size:  45,302 + sf  (1.04 + ac.) SEE ADDITIONAL LAND 

                           AVAILABLE BELOW.

                          Building:  838 + sf built in 1986

                          Fuel Canopy:  Huge single canopy covers the c-store and 2 fuel islands

                                                  in front & back of the building.

                          Fuel System:   Installed in 1986

                                                    3 /20k gal. fiberglass coated steel tanks

                                                    Piping:  steel w/cathodic system. 

                                                    Dispensers:  4 Wayne MPDs w/CRINDs

                                                    Fuel Control/Cashiering:  Wayne Nucleus

                                                    Electric Enviro. Monitor:  VeedeRoot TLS-350

Holbrook Chevron, Holbrook AZ - SUMMER PROMOTIONAL SALE  

Now Asking Only $742,850 for the Business with 1.04 +/- ac. real estate

Must be under contract by 8-31-18 to obtain this price.

Business Profile: 

2015 end-of-year financials now available (2-25-16)

Building is a c-store. Equipment includes an ATM, ice maker, video security system. Products include beer-n-wine sales, Lottery & money orders.  

AM/PM is a franchise; the Arco delivery agreement is part of the franchise agreement. Arco requires new dealers to attend Arco school before beginning operations as an AM/PM franchisee.  Want more info?    Maybe financials?   ----->  Contact

Real Estate:  APN:  Location is confidential - contact us for a Confidentiality Agreement.

                          This is a metro Phoenix location.

                          Parcel Size:  22,341 + sf

                          Building:  2,601 + sf built in ____

                          Fuel Canopy:  approx. 68 ft. x 58 ft.; 14.5 ft. clearance.

                          Fuel System:     Installed in 1989

                                                    3 /12k gal. SWFG tanks

                                                    Piping:  SWFG

                                                    Dispensers:  4 Gilbarco MPDs w/CRINDs

                                                    Fuel Control/Cashiering:  2-station Ruby

                                                    Electric Enviro. Monitor:  VeedeRoot TLS-350

Arco AM/PM, Phoenix AZ -  For Sale -  Asking $____________________


Real Estate:   Building Size:     

                            The property is located

                            The property is currently 

Business Profile:   


Want more info?    
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 - Asking $


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Diamond Shamrock Gas Station & C-Store 

8322 W. Olive Ave., Peoria (Phoenix metro) AZ 

Asking Price $169,000 + Inventory  

This is Business-Only for sale.  Buyer will be assigned existing lease and fuel supply agreement.

An original gas station, c-store, car wash and service station in downtown Buckeye when Buckeye was an Arizona farm town.  Now that Phoenix has grown out to Buckeye, it's a suburban community in the southwest Valley - Phoenix metro market.

​Real Estate:   APN:  400-26-012C and -012D (2 parcels) in Maricopa county

        Parcel size (combined):  19,626 +/- sf,

        Building size:                  6,881 +/- sf,

        USTs:  3 / 6k gal.& 1/4k gal. SWFG,
        Fuel Piping:  SWFG,
        Fuel Dispensers:  2 Wayne MPDs w/CRINDs (All PCI compliant),

        Products Served:  3 grades of unleaded gasoline plus diesel,

        Fuel Controller/Cashireing System:  Verifone Sapphire
        Elec. Enviro. Monitor: VeedeRoot TLS-350.   

Business Profile:

      Equipment: Ryko Soft Gloss car wash system; video recording security   

      system, ice maker, 3/4 ft. center-isle gondolas, above-ground lift, 100 kw

      emergency generator, and (surprise !) a fully mechanized parade float !!

Want more info?  How about financials?     ----------->  Contact

Real Estate:  APN 142-37-0415 in Maricopa County.

                     Parcel size:  39,988 +/- sf. (Approx. .92 ac.) 

                      Building size:  2,191 +/- sf.

                      Built in 1998

                      3 fuel islands w/6 Gilbarco MPDs

                      Overhead canopy has 15 +/- ft. clearance                   

                      2 Monument price signs

                      Assignable NNN Lease expires 3-31-30; Base rent $5,500/mo.

                    Assignable fuel delivery agreement for Diamond Shamrock brand

Business Facilities

                  2-station Ruby fuel control/cashiering system

                       VeedeRoot UST elec. monitoring system.

                       12-door walk-in cooler

                       Dine-in restaurant w/fully equipped kitchen - seats approx. 74

                       Trucker's lounge, showers & work-stations.

​                       Separate trucker's cashiering window.


            Want more info?  -------->  Contact

​Country Grocery, C-store, Deli, U.S. Postal Service, RV Park & Gas Station Business,

All with Real Estate in Golden Valley (NW AZ)​​ -Asking $2,100,000

Real Estate:  Building Size: 


Business Profile: 


Want more info?   Maybe financials?  ------->   Contact


- Asking $

MJG Gas Station Specialists LLC


Business Profile:  (for 2017)

                   Total Sales: $2,267,445

                   Avg. Store Sales/Mo:  $138,000 (excludes Lottery)

                   Avg. RV Park Revenue/Mo:  $8,000

                   Avg. Post Ofc Revenue/Mo.: $7,000 (Seller is a contractor to the Post Office.)

                   Avg. Fuel Vol/Mo:   14,000 gal. (Fuel is unbranded) - upside potential!

                   Overall Gross Profit:  $611,000

                   Owner's Have 9 Full-Time Employees operating 6:30-10:00, 7 days/week.


This is the dominant business of this type in the market - trade area (Golden Valley) has an estimated pop. of 18,000.  Only 2 other gas stations w/c-stores in the Valley.

This is THE grocery store in Golden Valley!

Distances:  Kingman - 8 mi., Bullhead City/Laughlin NV - 22 mi., Las Vegas - 88 mi.


Want more info?  Maybe historical financials? --->  Contact


Real Estate:  APNs: 306-08-081A and -081B in Mohave County AZ.

                   Parcel Size (combined):  3.74 +/- ac. (162,914 +/- sf). Site originally built in 1985.

                   Buildings (5):  Main Building with grocery, c-store, deli, & U.S. Postal Service: 6,613 +/-sf,

                                          4 additional buildings tot. 1,600 +/- sf, used for storage, laundromat, showers, 

                                           and recreation/TV room for RV guests.

                    RV Park:  42 spaces 

                    Fuel Facility (gas station): 4 Gilbarco MPDs serve 3 grades of unleaded + diesel.

                                           UST system has 2 double-walled tanks w/double walled flex piping, total                                                    capacity 25,000 gals., UST system installed 1999. Electronic monitoring by a                                              Gilbarco EMC unit, overhead.  Canopy is 57 x 62 ft. with 15 ft. vertical                                                        clearance. Site was ADEQ compliant with no open violations as of 7-3-17.

In the life cycle of commercial properties all properties arrive at the end-of-life for their particular use, and become what is called economic obsolete. As economies evolve, demographics around the property expand or contract, municipalities prosper or wane, etc., redevelopment of the property for the same use may not be the "highest and best use" of the property.  

Redevelopment properties come to market based on the value of the land, and the value of the improvements that would be salvageable for the new development, including costs to develop if it were bare land. There is typically no business value to sell, although some of the existing equipment may have salvage value.

​Many, if not most, of the economically obsolete gas stations have been weeded out at this time in the economic cycle.  However, there are still a few that have not been taken out of the population. Typically these situations have been pursued by developers and entrepreneurs.  The most common concern by the buyer is usually environmental relating to the UST system.  Our experience and training in this area provide the resources and expertise necessary to accommodate these concerns and provide solutions to the problems, if any.

Calvert Shell, Buckeye AZ 

Business + Real Estate,  PRICE REDUCED - NOW ASKING $1,236,000