No business is an island !  We enjoy collaborative associations and relationships with many of the functionaries it takes to buy, sell and operate a gas station in the many configurations available. For referrals to, and references from, our strategic partners ...


Want to check out inventory and forget the fluff ... anything about us, how we see the world, what we think is important ?  Click "AVAILABLE" below to see our current real estate listings and business listings of gas stations, c-stores with & without carwashes, with & without QSRs, with and without service bays, all over Arizona. (If you find businesses or properties of interest, you can fill in the fluff later.)

If you're buying a gas station business or property you're making an investment - we know that.  Deferral of current gratification for future benefit. Investments are about choices, decisions, risk. Whether you are a business owner-operator, or a passive investor looking for a better cap rate, gas stations are not for everyone - we know that also. Money is mobile. - for every investor it will seek the optimal balance of risk tolerance and reward potential.

At MJG we will offer you our best counsel, guidance and opportunity selection within our realm of operation.

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At MJG, we're suffering from an abundance of opportunities!  

     Too many owner-operator buyer            inquiries ...

      Too many lender inquiries                      (nationally) wanting to place money

       into gas station/c-store ...

       businesses and properties,

        Too many investors (including

         institutions, hedge funds, and

         REITS) looking for STNL


We need help!

But, like the Marines, "We're looking for a few good men and women".

             Is that you?

And what's in it for you?

Gas station industry education (You won't get this at the AZ School of Real Estate & Business),

Training - classroom environment and in the field,

Mentoring - 1 on 1 with me, founder, Managing Member and Designated Broker of

Unparalleled competitive position in the market.

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This could be your last career change!‚Äč




Gas Station & C-store Real Estate and Business Brokerage Specialists

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MJG Gas Station Specialists LLC

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Whether you have a single station or a multi-unit portfolio, there are a number of variables to consider when selling - besides price. The term "exit strategy" is often used to describe the number of moving parts and their connectivity to produce the desired outcome - price is included in the term.

To see what we might add to the process - the "value added" element - contact us for an initial discussion.



Are you ready to:

       Sell your gas station property and business (valuation provided), or                         MJG Gas Station Specialists LLC specializes in gas station and

       Sell your business but keep the property - become the landlord, or                                     convenience store purchases and sales throughout AZ.

       Buy a gas station & c-store, or                                                                                    We are a commercial real estate broker and a business broker.

       Invest in a gas station property (net lease property)?                                                 We represent both Buyers and Sellers.

Our gas station and convenience store Specialists are here to help you                           We are a licensed real estate broker in Arizona.

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Invest in your future

Buyers, we know, come with all sorts of backgrounds, objectives, skill sets, and resources.  We know our properties and businesses - we don't know you !  Our best service to you comes with knowing about you.  We seek to provide you with the best alignment (fit) for what you're looking for in our market.

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